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Exclusive Interview with Fusty Game (Hover: Revolt of Gamers) on their belief in the Nintendo philosophy

NintendObserver“We are convinced of the fun potential of the Wii U and completely concur with the Nintendo philosophy.”


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Hover Revolt of Gamers



[W]e are convinced of the fun potential of [the Wii U] and completely concur with the Nintendo philosophy.


— Fusty Game
Source: NintendObserver.

[N]ous sommes convaincus du potentiel ludique de [la Wii U] et adhérons complètement à la philosophie Nintendo.


— Fusty Game
Source : NintendObserver.



A parting word for potential Wii U backers?


Fusty Game:

We care to express the love we have for Nintendo’s latest console and sincerely hope that you understand the difference between this console and others from a game development standpoint. Given the relative sucess of the console, we could have chosen to completely ignore it (and many advised us to do so) but we are convinced of the fun potential of this machine and completely concur with the Nintendo philosophy. Unfortunately we’re only the three of us and porting Hover on Wii U will require a lot of time and a particularily specific attention. Hover: Revolt of Gamers is an ambitious, open world, multiplayer game, which imposes numerous contraints. We do not want to rush the job, especially regarding the use of its controller’s functionalities. It is its GamePad and asymmetric multiplayer possibilities that make the Wii U a unique console and with your support, we promess to make something truly fantastic and fun.


Hover Revolt of Gamers


The game just passed the 90,000-dollar mark today on Kickstarter. Less than 10,000 dollars left to go with more than ten days remaining to reach the Wii U version stretch goal!



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