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Hi there and welcome to my site! 🙂

My name is Luther, founder of NintendObserver. I also go by DePapier or Luther DePapier across the Internet. (And accessorily as Marina’s official* boyfriend on Twitter.)




Why NintendObserver?

I’ve been a gaming enthusiast on the web for quite some time now and through my experience, something has been baffling me about the perception of Nintendo in the gaming community: more than the orchestrated misinformation, it’s the sheer ignorance.

Ignorance of what Nintendo is. Ignorance of what Nintendo has done. But mostly, a sincere lack of research on what Nintendo is doing, what this objectively means for the business of the company, and by extension what this means for the future of videogames.


At NintendObserver, I strive to learn and to understand what makes Nintendo. I strive to comprehend the business of Nintendo as well as the rationale behind their decisions in order to envision accurate expectations of what the company might be cooking for its fans. I strive to provide content that is related to what Nintendo announces themselves such as through Nintendo Directs and corporate management briefings, straight from the mouths of late Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata and his Koopalings. (Notice I wrote that before Doug Bowser took over Nintendo of America.) 😉


And ultimately, I aim for NintendObserver to be the #1 source on the Internet for all things concrete with regards to the world of Nintendo.


Thank you for stopping by. 🙂


— Luther (DePapier)
Founder, Owner, One-Man Blogger and Editor-in-Chief at



Current background

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

From Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order on Nintendo Switch.



Update #1:
March 30, 2014. NintendObserver’s Twitter account is now live! @NintendObserver


Update #2:
March 30, 2014. You may now contact me at


Update #3:
May 4, 2014. NintendObserver’s YouTube account is now live! Luther DePapier


Update #4:
May 4, 2014. NintendObserver’s Google+ account is now live. +LutherDePapier


Update #5:
April 4, 2016. NintendObs Console and NintendObs Handheld are now open on Discord.


Update #6:
April 4, 2016. PayPal donations are now available.


Update #7:
May 23, 2016. NintendObserver is now on Vimeo.


Update #8:
April 3, 2017. NintendObsNintendObs U, NintendObs 3D and NintendObs Switch are now open on Discord.


Update #9:
April 3, 2017. NintendObserver is now on Tipeee.


Update #10:
September 4, 2017. NintendObserver is now on WordPress(.org).


Update #11:
April 3, 2018. NintendObserver now runs the OceanWP theme.


Update #12:
August 3, 2018. NintendObserver now uses Screets.


Update #13:
June 11, 2019. NintendObserver now uses Crisp.


Disclaimer. This website is not affiliated with the company, the brand nor the image of Nintendo.


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