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Nintendo Q2 FY3/2016 Corporate Management Policy Briefing, Q&A 9: Nintendo Account

NintendObserver“We do plan to keep coordinating with Facebook and Twitter.”


☆ NintendObs Event – Nintendo Q2 FY3/2016 Q&A. 

Nintendo Q2 FY3/2016




Regarding the Nintendo Account that you introduced today, I would like to know whether you mentioned communication services such as Facebook and Twitter just to introduce how easy it will be to create a Nintendo Account, or do you plan on a more extensive coordination with and use of services such as Facebook and Twitter?




By encouraging Facebook and Twitter users to make a Nintendo Account, we will be able to provide messages and various services that we introduced today directly to them. If they become attracted to our character IP through these communications, our content will be made available for purchase on smart devices, so we are expecting this will lead to them purchasing our games. Like such, having consumers create a Nintendo Account has many diverse possibilities.



By making it possible for consumers to use the Facebook and Twitter accounts that they already have, in addition to making it easier for them to create a Nintendo Account, we are expecting Nintendo topics to be spread more (by coordinating with services such as Facebook and Twitter). We do plan to keep coordinating with Facebook and Twitter.


— Semi-Annual Financial Results Briefing
Source: Nintendo JP.



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