Nintendo Q2 FY3/2016 Corporate Management Policy Briefing, Part 5: Digital Business

NintendObserverNintendo download sales for the first half of this fiscal year are the highest they’ve ever been. 


Nintendo Q2 FY3/2016



Nintendo Q2 FY3/2016


Next is our digital sales situation.


Nintendo Q2 FY3/2016


This graph shows download sales from the latest three accounting periods up to the second quarter of this accounting period.

In this fiscal year, second quarter sales were less than the first-quarter sales, but the first half totaled 21.0 billion yen, which is double the figure of the previous first half and is the all-time high for first-half download sales historically.

The increase chiefly arises from the sales of add-on content.


Nintendo Q2 FY3/2016


This shows the top titles for download sales, excluding download versions of packaged software.

In particular, the add-on content for Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8 made large contributions.


Nintendo Q2 FY3/2016


This is a ratio comparison of download sales by region up to the second quarter of the previous fiscal year and this fiscal year. The Americas, the blue part of the graph, accounts for just under 50 percent followed by Japan and Europe.


— Tatsumi Kimishima, President of Nintendo
Source: Nintendo JP.



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