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Nintendo’s 2014 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders Q&A 13: Share Hating

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Nintendo’s 2014 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders




I have been a shareholder of Nintendo only since last year and I am a bit surprised by the fact that Mr. Takeda, chairperson of this meeting, has no more than 200 shares of stock in this company and that except for Mr. Iwata, who owns 6,700 shares, the other directors also have only 100 or 200 shares each. I do not think such small stakes in the company will give you incentive to do your best, and I was wondering if you were just working as salaried employees. Why do you not increase the number of shares the management team holds?




We believe that there is no connection between the number of shares a director owns and the enthusiasm he has for company management. I hope you will understand our resolve to improve our performance to return to profitability, regardless of the number of shares our management team holds. Thank you for your helpful comment.


— The 74th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
Source: Nintendo JP.



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