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Exclusive Interview with Fusty Game (Hover: Revolt of Gamers) on the trials of being young upcoming French indie developers

NintendObserver“We indeed literally started from the bottom. We can now imagine reaching all the way to our dreams and we only have one desire: making Hover a grand game!”


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Hover Revolt of Gamers



[…] we indeed literally started from the bottom. […] We can now imagine reaching all the way to our dreams and we only have one desire: making Hover a grand game!


— Fusty Game
Source: NintendObserver.

[…] nous ne sommes en effet qu’une petite bande d’amis partis du plus bas de l’échelle. […] L’espoir d’aller au bout de nos ambitions est désormais permis et nous n’avons qu’un désir : faire de Hover un grand jeu !


— Fusty Game
Source: NintendObserver.



Having reached your Kickstarter base goal, how does it feel like being a group of three young friends capable of realizing their dream?


Fusty Game:

As you’ve put it, we indeed literally started from the bottom. We’ve always wanted to make videogames and that’s exactly the first thing we set to do once the three of us met. Unfortunately, without neither means nor connections, our first game, on which we just about worked for nearly two years full-time, had no other fate than a free download release on its own blog. (It’s really hard to market.) Luckily for us, some upcoming small-time publishers contacted us and it’s with Midgar Studio that we’ve chosen to collaborate.

The reason we’re reminiscing all this is to come back to the Kickstarter which we’ve had access to via the collaboration with Midgar Studio. It isn’t easy making videogames being French: for such a small team as ours — we’re just three people –, made of beginners nonetheless, launching a Kickstarter stood has a huge mountain to climb. Our project is very ambitious and we have to promote our game by ourselves (with advices from Midgar Studio). We didn’t want to bite more than we could chew so we started with a relatively modest base goal. That being said, it was a true leap of faith for us: we couldn’t predict whether our game would drive the passion and momentum necessary, whether April was a good time, whether our homemade communication would suffice… Reaching our base goal in only three days thus came as a sizable surprise! We can now imagine reaching all the way to our dreams and we only have one desire: making Hover a grand game!

We’re also extremely grateful for the support from all the small and medium websites: without them, nobody would actually know about our game!


Hover Revolt of Gamers


The game passed its 80,000-dollar stretch-goal just yesterday on Kickstarter. With half of the Kickstarter time remaining, next up at 100,000 dollars is the Wii U version (and local multiplayer).



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