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Exclusive Interview with Fusty Game (Hover: Revolt of Gamers) on the collaboration with Japanese veteran composer Hideki Naganuma

NintendObserver“It was the gamers who called for Hideki Naganuma.”


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Hover Revolt of Gamers



It’s most definitely the most pleasant acknowledgement we’ve received in the three years time that we’ve been making videogames.


— Fusty Game
Source: NintendObserver.

C’est sûrement la plus belle reconnaissance qu’on a eu depuis trois ans que nous faisons du jeu vidéo.


— Fusty Game
Source: NintendObserver.



Something I’m just dying to hear about: how did you guys manage to get Jet Set Radio*‘s Japanese composer, Hideki Naganuma, on board?

*(Known as Jet Grind Radio in North America.)


Fusty Game:

About Hideki Naganuma, we’re still in the process of realizing it’s actually for real. We were already huge fans of Jet Set Radio and its sequel when we were thirteen-, fourteen-years-old: oftentimes we’d just listen to the games’ soundtracks just for fun. Even though way back we already bore the desire to work in videogames, we could have never dared to even think about collaborating with such a big name! What happened is actually both funny and wondrous.

Hover‘s objectives are to create truly geniune and intense sensations, to offer a unique universe and a unique adventure but also to pay tribute to two games we’re particularily fond of, games which have greatly inspired us: Mirror’s Edge and Jet Set Radio. This remained deep within our heart and spirit during the first weeks of development, yet we never specifically expected for it to transpire that much once the game publically revealed. We launched Hover on Steam Greenlight in January 2014 and it became both a surprising and an immediate success, the game being Greenlit in less than a month. But the one thing that surprised us the most, has been seeing the passion of the Jet Set Radio community who saw in Hover the spiritual successor to SEGA’s game. It was the gamers who called for Hideki Naganuma. They went directly to talk to him about our game via social media and it’s in this way that we eventually made contact with him. We worked up the courage to ask him whether he was interested. Much to our surprise he said yes. We mainly knew about his work and we discovered him to be a really cool, approachable person, and one who doesn’t hesitate to trust three young strangers and to support their project. It’s most definitely the most pleasant acknowledgement we’ve received in the three years time that we’ve been making videogames.


Hover Revolt of Gamers


Here’s a word from the Japanese composer himself:

It was love at first sight. Hover has hot graphics and a cool worldview. At first glance, I felt like I’d love to make music for Hover. This feeling’s been a long time since Jet Set Radio Future.


— Hideki Naganuma, veteran composer on the inspirational Jet Set Radio
Source: Kickstarter.


You can already find the entire interview here on

The game literally just passed its 60,000-dollar stretch goal to get Naganuma on board on Kickstarter!

And don’t forget! It’s Jet Set Radio Week over there at SEGAbits! Holler there to get an idea on Naganuma’s funky beats!



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