NoE: ‘Check out Super Mario Maker 2’s Story Mode and more with Nintendo Treehouse: Live’

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Super Mario Maker 2



Check out Super Mario Maker 2’s Story Mode and more with Nintendo Treehouse: Live

Catch up with all of the footage from E3 2019!


Version française ici : Découvrez le mode histoire de Super Mario Maker 2 et plein d’autres détails sur le jeu dans le Nintendo Treehouse: Live. 😉



Super Mario Maker 2 arrives on Nintendo Switch on June 28th, complete with a toolbox jam-packed with new course parts, modes and other goodies for both course creators and Super Mario fans to enjoy.

First off, if you missed the Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational, watch the video below to see all the exciting platforming action from this special event, starting at 21:50. All of the courses from the Invitational will be available post-launch, so see if you can get a faster time!



For those looking for some single-player fun, Super Mario Maker 2 comes with a brand new Story Mode! The game’s producer Takashi Tezuka appeared on Nintendo Treehouse: Live at E3 2019 to show off this mode and some of the courses you’ll be tackling in your quest to help Mario and friends rebuild Princess Peach’s castle.



The Treehouse team also showed off Yamamura’s Dojo, a series of lessons taught by course creator extraordinaire (and semi-retired carrier pigeon) Yamamura! Did you know? Yamamura is named after Yasuhisa Yamamura, a veteran level designer for the Super Mario series!

How about making your own levels? The video below has the Treehouse team going under the hood of one of the levels designed for the Super Mario Maker 2 Invitational and experimenting with some of Super Mario Maker 2’s new course parts and features.



Lastly, the Treehouse team jumped into some of the additions to classic Game Styles in Super Mario Maker 2, including the Night version of the new Snow Course Theme, before letting loose on a course in local multiplayer*! Hey, that music sounds familiar…



Wow, that’s a lot of Mario!


— Nintendo UK News
Source: Nintendo UK.



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