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Pokémon: ‘Have a Happy Pokémon Day!’

NintendObserverA rundown of all the Pokémon Day 2018 activities.


Pokémon Day



Pokémon Day

Have a Happy Pokémon Day!

Celebrate another Pokémon Day with special events and a look back at the past year of Pokémon fun.


February 27, 2018


Pokémon Day is February 27, when we commemorate the launch of the first Pokémon games in Japan in 1996. Celebrate and join the fun at, where we’ll be posting your Pokémon memories. Use the hashtag #PokemonDay to share your favorite Pokémon moments.


  • Pikachu wearing a festive party hat returns to Pokémon GO! When you’re out exploring your world for wild Pokémon, keep an eye out for a special Pikachu wearing a striped purple hat. This Pikachu will know the move Present, and it will give you triple the usual Stardust when caught. Look for this special Pikachu through 1 p.m. PST on February 28.
  • It’s been an amazing year for the world of Pokémon, with fun new games, huge events, and big announcements coming out in 2017. Check out our list of the top moments in the Pokémon universe since the last Pokémon Day.
  • The new Pikachu Talk app is live for Google Home and Amazon Echo devices! Offer questions or comments for Pikachu to answer, and the famous Pokémon will reply in its own charming way. Try it now by saying “OK Google” or “Alexa,” followed by “Ask Pikachu to talk!”
  • We’ve also had a banner year here on Millions of Pokémon fans have visited to get the latest news and info, watch episodes, and much more. To get a glimpse at what your fellow Trainers have been checking out, we’ve researched the top five Pokémon in the Pokédex, Pokémon TCG cards in the card database, and more over the past year. Take a look!
  • Pokémon Center is also getting in on the Pokémon Day fun with a new addition to the Pokémon Gallery Figure collection. The Charizard Gallery Figure DX is the first in a new line of oversize, deluxe Gallery Figures coming out in 2018. These figures showcase dynamic battle poses on an even bigger scale! Check out the Charizard Gallery Figure DX in the Pokémon Center!
  • During the seven days leading up to Pokémon Day, we’ve been counting down some of our favorite aspects of being a Pokémon fan, from choosing our ideal partner Pokémon to exploring the diverse regions of the Pokémon world. Take a look at the complete countdown!


Here’s to a happy Pokémon Day and another year of exciting Pokémon fun in 2018!


— Pokémon News
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