Pokémon: ‘A Perfect Place for Your Pokémon Pins’

NintendObserverIntroducing the new Pokémon Trainer Club Collectible Gallery feature.


Pokémon Trainer Club Collectible Gallery



Pokémon Trainer Club Collectible Gallery

A Perfect Place for Your Pokémon Pins

The new Pokémon Trainer Club Collectible Gallery feature lets you track and display Pokémon pins you’ve collected.


July 07, 2017


Take a look at another cool feature just added here on Pokemon.com, a Collectible Gallery where you can keep track of your Pokémon pin collection. Pokémon pins have long been cherished collectible items available to participants of Play! Pokémon events, as well as in Pokémon TCG collections and other Pokémon products, including sets available in the Pokémon Center.


You can access your Collectible Gallery from your Pokémon Trainer Club profile page, where you can mark which pins you have and put ones you don’t have on your wish list. Click the Manage My Collectibles button in the My Collection Activity section to view the interactive Collectible Gallery, where you can share and compare your Pokémon pin collection with Pokémon Trainer Club friends.

The Collectible Gallery is easy to use. You can sort your collection by pin series, such as Gym Badge Set, Mythical Pokémon Set, or Pokémon World Championships pins, or you can simply browse more than 140 official Pokémon pins in the gallery. For each entry, you can read product descriptions and see which pins are currently available in the Pokémon Center.

You can also compare your collection with your Pokémon Trainer Club friends. Visit a friend’s profile pages, and see which pins both of you have by clicking the Compare Collections button at the bottom of their Collection Activity panel. You can also see which pins on your wish list match those on your friend’s trade list and vice versa.


Log in to your Pokémon Trainer Club account and start tracking your pin collection with the new Collectible Gallery. And if you don’t have a Pokémon Trainer Club account yet, sign up today to take advantage of this new feature and many other awesome benefits!

Find your Pokémon pin collection on your Pokémon Trainer Club profile page today, and keep an eye out for more Pokémon pins in Pokémon TCG products, at Play! Pokémon events, and at the Pokémon Center!


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Source: Pokémon.



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