NoE: ‘Punch your way to the top with these recommended Arms for newcomers’

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Punch your way to the top with these recommended ARMS for newcomers

With these eight recommended ARMS, you’ll be sure to rise up the ranks. 


Version française ici : Combattez pour la victoire avec ces armes recommandées pour les nouveaux joueurs. 😉



The fight to claim the number one spot in ARMS has begun, as players do battle with a colourful cast of characters in this unique multiplayer fighting game, out now only on Nintendo Switch.

Feeling like a fist-flinging fool instead of an all-conquering champ? It might be time to rethink your strategy and try out some new ARMS!


Even though each fighter has their own techniques and attributes to master, so do the ARMS you equip before every round. By mixing and matching different ARMS, you can transform your playstyle and fighting fortunes in no time – you just need to find a winning combination that works for you.




Whack your foes into next week with the Whammer! This bulky ARM shrugs off attacks and delivers a mighty wallop when it reaches your opponent. If brute force is your preferred option, then the Whammer will work wonders.

Favourite ARM of: Mechanica




Is your enemy too hot to handle? Cool them off with the Chilla! One well-aimed, icy punch can freeze your foe where they stand, allowing you to take full advantage of their chilling new circumstance.

Favourite ARM of: Twintelle




With a wide attack range, the Tribolt is highly recommended if your aim is a little off. Slow an opponent down with quick-fire strikes that can stop any forward-thinking fighter from getting too close.

Favourite ARM of: Spring Man




Struggling to land your punches? The Homie can help. Take accuracy to a whole new level as the Homie flies towards its victim and explodes upon impact. Boom, baby!

Favourite ARM of: Mechanica




Throw your adversary an impromptu pain party with the Popper! They may look a bit silly, but the Popper is perfect for catching a fellow competitor off guard, especially at close quarters.

Favourite ARM of: Ribbon Girl




Buff up these gloves and watch them double in size! Recommended for all-rounders, the Buff proves that bigger is certainly better. They’re also great if you like to curve your punches, too.

Favourite ARM of: Ninjara




Overwhelm your rivals with the Revolver! Charge it up and let rip with a volley of electrified shots to keep the competition on their toes – you only need to hit them once to shock them.

Favourite ARM of: Mechanica




Swat away your opponent’s feeble punches with the Megaton! Big, heavy and outrageously purple, these over-sized mitts can punch through most incoming ARMS with effortless ease. They also work as sturdy shields as well.

Favourite ARM of: Master Mummy


Find your fists

Want more ARMS to use with your favourite character? Try the Get ARMS service! You could unlock new ARMS to add to your character’s arsenal, and improve your aim with some target practice in the process.

Ready to rumble with a new pair of ARMS for your next fight? You can discover the full-range of weaponised mitts at our official ARMS website and start dreaming up all kinds of strategic ARMS combinations!


ARMS is available in shops and as a downloadable version from Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch now. The neon yellow Joy-Con Pair, neon yellow Joy-Con Straps and Joy-Con AA Battery Pack Pair accessories are also available.


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Source: Nintendo UK.



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