NoA: ‘My Nintendo Rewards: Kid Icarus’

NintendObserverKid Icarus Uprising celebrates its fifth-year anniversary with My Nintendo. 


My Nintendo Kid Icarus Uprising



My Nintendo Kid Icarus Uprising



My Nintendo is celebrating the 5th anniversary of the Kid Icarus™: Uprising game with Kid Icarus 3D animations and discounts on the Kid Icarus series, including Kid Icarus: Uprising for Nintendo 3DS!


The Kid Icarus 3D animations were created by three of Japan’s renowned anime studios, and contain unique story lines that are quite different from the Kid Icarus: Uprising game.


Have you played a Kid Icarus game? Check out the series and take advantage of My Nintendo discounts on the following titles:


Looking for even more adventure? Here are the other action-packed My Nintendo rewards that were released in March:


And don’t forget these PC/smart device rewards:


To learn more about these and other great My Nintendo rewards, head over to


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