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NoA: ‘Pick your favorite games of 2015’

NintendObserverI’m still positive Amy and the whole Miiverse team sold their souls since the Miiverse redesign. 


Fan Faves 2015



Fan Faves 2015



What do you think were the best Nintendo 3DS games of 2015? Make your voice heard and earn a chance to win $15 in Nintendo eShop credit by entering the Fan Faves Sweepstakes!

Head to the Fan Faves 2015 Miiverse community on Dec. 1-3 to vote on Nintendo 3DS games, then come back on Dec. 4-6 to vote for Wii U games.


For more info, go to the Miiverse 2015 Fan Faves community.


— Nintendo What’s New
Source: Nintendo.



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