Anchel from KnapNok Games announces free Affordable Space Adventures update incoming on Miiverse

NintendObserverAnnouncing Affordable Space Adventures’s “New Super Incredibly Difficult Levels.”


Affordable Space Adventures



The free update is now available with the new Origin Story mode.


Affordable Space Adventures


Greetings, Space Explorers! Anchel from KnapNok Games again!


Today I’m here to announce that after the Summer we will be releasing a FREE update for Affordable Space Adventures that will include THE NEW SUPER INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT LEVELS!

This update will also fix some of the issues you’ve all been letting us know about (including the “Interstellar Glitch” that Miiverse user BigTreez made a fun story about).


We will keep you all updated with news about this upcoming update! 🙂

Thank you all so much for playing Affordable Space Adventures!



The team at KnapNok Games


— Anchel (NNID: Anchel-KnapNok)
Source: Miiverse.



At NintendObserver, the comments are on Discord.

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