Play Nintendo for Parents: ‘Good Gaming – Science Looks into the Benefits of Playing Video Games’

Researches supporting the benefits of gaming have been provided.




Good Gaming – Science Looks into the Benefits of Playing Video Games


October 01, 2014


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If your concern about whether or not playing video games is healthy for your child has been keeping you up at night, you can finally put those concerns to rest.


According to a November 2013 article in the American Psychologist journal and a related commentary in Psychology Today, interactive video games are being lauded for their positive effects in a child’s development. Here are some of the ways in which studies indicate that playing with video games can benefit you and your family:


Brain-Boosting Skills

Playing interactive video games may improve problem-solving skills, as children figure out how to solve complex puzzles.


Improved Motivation

As players take on different tasks in the course of a game, they learn to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. As a result, they may experience a boost in self-esteem. And as game play becomes more advanced, players may learn the value of persistence by facing their challenges.


Better Mental Health

Gamers who turn to video games for enjoyment can reap the benefits of a better sense of self. Psychology Today reports, “Along with distracting them from real-world problems … succeeding in video games can lead to positive feelings, reduced anxiety and becoming more relaxed.”


Socially Speaking

Despite past cultural stereotypes of video gamers as recluses who prefer to play alone, the majority of gamers are playing with friends, either on teams or as competitors.


Educational Value

With a growing number of games encompassing such subjects as math, history, science and language arts, video games are now being recognized for more than their entertainment value alone. Researchers note that educational content not only benefits game players, but may also assist educators looking for alternative means to teaching.


While recent research outlining these potential positives has only hit the tip of the iceberg, these findings alone are helping to cast video gaming in a more favorable light. And at the end of the day, that can help ease any parent’s mind.


— Play Nintendo for Parents
Source: Play Nintendo.


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