Nintendo Sunshine Interview: Shin’en Multimedia

Shin’en: “We would love to make a game that is about exploring a world on grand scale.”




Nintendo Sunshine:

Art of Balance is coming out in a few days. What are the differences with the previous chapter? And what about the online mode?


Shin’en Multimedia:

The last Art of Balance game for consoles was released on Wii. For Wii U we added more gameplay modes, doubled the levels from 100 to 200 and added online rankings and online play. Art of Balance was already on Wii the perfect game for families and friends. Now with the new online modes and much more levels we also created immense value for the single player experience.


Nintendo Sunshine:

Will you use 4K textures for [FAST Racing Neo]? The picture posted a few hours ago shows a great attention to detail, will you realize a game with photorealistic graphics?


Shin’en Multimedia:

The reactions to the first image were quite positive, but there is much more to come in the next weeks. I think people will then really realize what quality we will deliver.


Nintendo Sunshine:

Which genre would you like to explore with an upcoming title?

Shin’en Multimedia:

We would love to make a game that is about exploring a world on grand scale. We have a few ideas but those won’t happen before next year.


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