A Preview of Stealth Inc. 2 via Entertainment Buddha: ‘Happy meal toys with heart’

Stealth Inc 2 releases October 23, 2014 exclusively on the Wii U eShop. (No longer exclusive.)





Fans of the original Stealth Inc have nothing to fear with Stealth Inc 2 thanks to the massive additions to its gameplay that range from a new overworld setting to the use of gadgets to solve puzzles. Being stealthy is still key to successfully completing each test chamber, but players will also have to rely on their platforming skills and grey matter to conquer the game’s challenges. The inclusion of co-op adds a whole new way to play the game, which offers even more replayability for this 20+ hour gameplay experience. The cheeky looking clone character and the game’s level design are also worth writing home about, so fans of stealth games and puzzle games should definitely circle October 23, 2014 on their calendars, which is the official eShop release date for Stealth Inc 2. Curve has done plenty to change up the gameplay formula without taking away from the core experience made famous in the original Stealth Inc, so grab a friend and get ready to be challenged mentally and physically as you try to save the world’s Happy Meal toy testing clones from the brutal corporate entity that has enslaved them for our pleasure.


Source: Entertainment Buddha.



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