Camp Miiverse celebrates Kirby 22nd birthday with a collage of more than 600 fan-made drawings

Miiverse loves Kirby.




Hello campers!

Thank you for your patience. Here’s our Kirby collage! I’m going to send this to Mr. Ishida from HAL Laboratory, who shares news and info about the Kirby series in the Kirby: Triple Deluxe Behind the Scenes community.


There are more than 600 drawings in this! I’ve tried to squeeze in as many drawings as possible, so I apologize in advance if you can’t find your drawing, or if they’re overlapping other drawings.

Thank you very much for participating in celebrating Kirby’s birthday month for North America!




— Amy (NNID: NintendoAmy)
Source: Miiverse.


Hello campers!

Did you know that August is special month for Kirby fans?

Mr. Ishida from HAL Laboratory just posted in the Behind the Scenes community of Kirby: Triple Deluxe that 22 years ago, the first Kirby game was launched in North America! Did you know that Kirby’s first game was called Kirby’s Dream Land? Check out the director’s cute drawing he drew to celebrate! So…to celebrate the “birth month” of the Kirby franchise in North America, we will be having a Kirby’s birthday drawing event! In a response to this post, post your best drawings of Kirby, or your best Kirby memories in the comments! This event will end on August 7, 2014 or after there are over 1000 comments, whichever comes first.


Here’s some more info about Kirby’s history: The first Kirby game was released on April 27, 1992 in Japan, and it was released in North America in August of the same year. Did you know that Kirby’s color on the North American package of this game was white? Kirby didn’t have the transformation abilities in the first game, but the iconic inhale and spitting abilities existed from the very beginning.

Don’t forget to get some inspiration by looking at the drawing posted in the Behind the Scenes community before you start working on yours.

Happy Birthday from North America, Kirby!




 — Amy (NNID: NintendoAmy)
Source: Miiverse.



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