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Fortnite: ‘High Stakes’

Earn free cosmetics items in-game by completing the special High Stakes Challenges.

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Fortnite: ‘Pax-West-2018’

The Summer Skirmish tournament will conclude at PAX West with a live $1,500,000 USD competition open to all PAX West attendees.

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Fortnite: ‘v5.10 Content Update’

In its time away, the Guided Missile has been tweaked and tuned down as it was too strong upon its initial release.

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Fortnite: ‘v5.10 Patch Notes’

Fortnite's first birthday, Playground's return and once again a pretty long list of patch notes.

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Fortnite: ‘Worlds Collide In Season 5’

Since the Save The World mode isn't available on Switch -- even though it's advertised in-game, go figure -- I've only included the patch notes from Battle Royale.

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Fortnite: ‘Season 5’

Details on Fortnite's latest big update straight from the Epic Games website.

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