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Fortnite: ‘Fortnite at E3 2019’

Drop by the Fortnite booth #601 in the South Hall of the LA Convention Center or snag a prime seat for the Summer Block Party event featuring your favorite Fortnite creators and celebrities.

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Fortnite: ‘Game Recognize Game’

All players will have the chance to jump into The Downtown Drop LTM and complete free challenges to unlock the Back Board Back Bling and its additional nine style variants as well as four unique Sprays.

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Fortnite: ‘Everyone Wants Wick’

Drop by the shop and get the John Wick Set, which includes the John Wick Outfit along with the Simple Sledge Pickaxe.

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Fortnite: ‘Drum Gun, LTMs as Tournaments, and Disconnecting Duos’

"Rather than nerfing the Pump Shotgun to a point where it no longer lives up to its fantasy, our preference is to return it to the vault, giving us an opportunity to revisit the general balance of the item, while introducing a new shotgun."

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