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Pokémon Sword & Shield: ‘Duraludon’

NintendObserverQuite sure they’re the first non-Legendary Steel-/Dragon-type Pokémon.


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Pokémon Sword Shield





Pokémon Sword Shield


Alloy Pokémon



88.2 lbs.

Light Metal / Heavy Metal


Pokémon Sword Shield


A Light but Sturdy Body of Metal

The metal composing its body is incredibly durable but also surprisingly light. It only weighs about 88 lbs. in total. Thanks to this, Duraludon can move quite quickly in spite of its appearance. Its body is weak to corrosion, however, and is known to rust easily.


Pokémon Sword Shield


Its Arms Can Grind Down Boulders

Duraludon live in caves and mountainous areas. Their two arms have slightly different shapes from each other, and they use these to grind down rock surfaces for food. They share their habitat with Tyranitar, and these two Pokémon are often seen battling each other in the mountains of the Galar region.


Source: Pokémon Sword Shield.
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