Observations on Media Create for the Week of April 1, 2019 – April 7, 2019

NintendObserverMedia Create is dead. I guess that’s been a fun ride to cover for the past five years on this website. 


☆ NintendObs Weekly – Monday, April 8, 2019 – Sunday, April 14, 2019.

NintendObservations Super Mario Party



Software Rankings

NintendObservations Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission

  1. NEW/ [NSW] Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission (Bandai Namco Entertainment) {2019.04.04} (¥7,344)
  2. -1/ [NSW] Yoshi’s Crafted World (Nintendo) {2019.03.29} (¥6,458)
  3. -1/ [PS4] Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (From Software) {2019.03.22} (¥8,208)
  4. -1/ [NSW] Super Smash Bros. Ultimate # (Nintendo) {2018.12.07} (¥7,776)
  5. -1/ [NSW] New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe (Nintendo) {2019.01.11} (¥6,458)
  6. 0/ [NSW] Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo) {2017.04.28} (¥6,458)
  7. +3/ [NSW] Super Mario Party # (Nintendo) {2018.10.05} (¥6,458)
  8. +3/ [NSW] Splatoon 2 # (Nintendo) {2017.07.21} (¥6,458)
  9. +5/ [NSW] The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild # (Nintendo) {2017.03.03} (¥7,538)
  10. -3/ [NSW] Minecraft # (Microsoft) {2018.06.21} (¥3,888)


Media Create.
Observations on Media Create for the Week of March 25, 2019 – March 31, 2019.


So yeah, they weren’t kidding. Media Create is dead. Covering that stuff for five years was actually the main reason why I launched NintendObserver, so much so my coverage of this was initially called NintendObservations. I was covering it starting back into the Wii U era to get a sense of what the Wii U’s performance really was, from Nintendo’s own country, from the only country that actually shared specific sales numbers every week, and I was always shocked to see how a “dead” platform could still, at rare times, be #1 or have #1 titles in the charts. Truth be told, that can easily explain why the Switch became so popular when essentially the same (though better) great games launched on a Nintendo platform that turned the Wii U into a prototype.

More time for actual gaming, I guess. Maybe now is the time for me to start recording my Smash videos. I’ll really have to think seriously and sincerely about how I’ll adapt to that.

But I have to go on a rant and say, anyone who follows this data closely knows exactly what happened. After all it happened before for sales data in the West when the Wii took the charts over. When Nintendo rules in sales, sales don’t matter. When Nintendo fails in sales, sales are all that matters. So as if from nowhere, when the Switch has a verifiable 48-week #1 streak in Japan, sales no longer matter. And as the Switch is scheduled to outsell the PS4 around E3 time in Japan, sales no longer matter. Even better: now the source has gone private, so even when that happens, nobody in the open will be able to verify.


P.S.: For personal purposes I’m just gonna keep my link to my three-plus-year worth of Media Create research right here.



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