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Pokémon: ‘Freely Photograph Your Pokémon in Pokémon Go’

NintendObserverGo Snapshot allows players to take photos of any Pokémon that they have in their Pokémon Storage.


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Pokémon Go



Pokémon Go

Freely Photograph Your Pokémon in Pokémon GO

The new GO Snapshot feature allows Trainers to take and share photos of their Pokémon partners anytime.


February 12, 2019


Pokémon GO Trainers have taken loads of wonderful pictures of wild Pokémon in their natural environment with the game’s AR+ feature, but now you will have the chance to take pictures of any of your Pokémon at any time with the new GO Snapshot.


GO Snapshot allows players to take photos of any Pokémon that they have in their Pokémon Storage. You access the feature by looking at a specific Pokémon or by accessing the camera in your Bag of items. From there, simply select a Pokémon and tap on the screen to throw its Poké Ball to that spot. Once your Pokémon is in position, you can move around it to find the best angle.

If your Pokémon isn’t focusing on its photo op, just brush across it to get its attention. It’ll face you and get ready to show off to the lens. From there, you can take a bunch of pictures of your Pokémon. Work that camera! Get in the frame, and pose with your Pokémon partner! When you’ve captured the perfect moments, you can share your masterpieces via linked social channels so that all your friends will be able to see you and your Pokémon in action.


When you share your photos, don’t forget to tag them with #GOsnapshot so that everyone gets a chance to admire your Pokémon. We can’t wait to see your best poses!


— Pokémon News
Source: Pokémon.



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