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Pokémon: ‘Charizard Burns It Up in a Big Way!

NintendObserverIntroducing the new Pokémon Gallery Figures DX.


Pokémon Gallery Figures DX



Pokémon Gallery Figures DX

Charizard Burns It Up in a Big Way!

The new Pokémon Gallery Figures DX line introduces an impressive representation of the popular Fire-type Pokémon.


February 27, 2018


Launched in 2017 by Pokémon Center, the Pokémon Gallery Figures collection features beautiful depictions of some of your favorite Pokémon in the heat of battle. These detailed figures showcase iconic Pokémon moves—ranging from Pikachu’s Thunderbolt and Umbreon’s Dark Pulse to Magikarp’s Splash and Jigglypuff’s Sing. This year, the collection is expanding with the introduction of Gallery Figures DX, which continue the line’s tradition of dynamic battle poses—but on a larger and more deluxe scale.

The first of these DX figures is none other than Charizard—Blast Burn. This stunning sculpted figure features Charizard crouching low to the ground as it unleashes its powerful Blast Burn attack. This imposing stance really shows off just how fierce Charizard can be when it’s on the offensive. Both the swirling fire effects and the flame on the end of Charizard’s tail are cast in translucent material that catches the light to create a lifelike warm glow.


Be on the lookout later this year as the Pokémon Gallery Figures DX line expands with the addition of Gengar and Mewtwo. For now, though, fans will undoubtedly want to add this impressive Charizard to their collections. Look for it now at the Pokémon Center.


— Pokémon News
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