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Nintendo Q2 FY3/2018: Notice of Full-Year Financial Forecast Modifications

NintendObserverSo Nintendo plans to make even more money than expected this fiscal year thanks to the Nintendo Switch.


Nintendo Q2 FY3/2018



Net sales:

Previous forecast (A), announced on April 27, 2017: 750,000 million yen

Modified forecast (B): 960,000 million yen

Increase (Decrease), (B)-(A): 210,000 million yen

Increase (Decrease), in percentage: 28.0%


Operating Profit:

Previous forecast (A), announced on April 27, 2017: 65,000 million yen

Modified forecast (B): 120,000 million yen

Increase (Decrease), (B)-(A): 55,000 million yen

Increase (Decrease), in percentage:  84.6%


Ordinary Profit:

Previous forecast (A), announced on April 27, 2017: 60,000 million yen

Modified forecast (B): 125,000 million yen

Increase (Decrease), (B)-(A): 65,000 million yen

Increase (Decrease), in percentage: 108.3%


Profit Attributable to Owners of Parent:

Previous forecast (A), announced on April 27, 2017: 45,000 million yen

Modified forecast (B): 85,000 million yen

Increase (Decrease), (B)-(A): 40,000 million yen

Increase (Decrease), in percentage: 88.9%


Reasons for modifications

Based on the sales performance for the six months ended September 30, 2017 and after, the Company modifies its financial forecast in consideration of the revised sales prospects as well as the revised assumed exchange rate. The assumed exchange rate after the second quarter and at the end of the fiscal year has been revised from 115 yen to 125 yen per euro. The assumed exchange rate for U.S. dollar remains unchanged at 105 yen per U.S. dollar.


Source: Nintendo JP.



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