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Live from the Squid Research Lab – December 12, 2017

NintendObserverA Treehouse breakdown on Clam Blitz.


Splatoon 2




Attention! Clam Blitz, a fierce new Ranked Battle mode, will be added to Splatoon 2 on the evening of December 12th – Wait a sec, that’s tonight! Our dedicated team of researchers have been investigating this latest phenomenon, and managed to grab some fresh new footage.


What’s it all about?

In Clam Blitz, you’ll find clams scattered all over the stage. Collect them, then head to your opponents’ base and fire them into the enemy basket. First team to score 100 points wins!


Sounds kinda easy…

Yeah, maybe. If the enemy basket wasn’t protected by an almighty clam-repelling barrier of doomAhem… To break through this mysterious barrier, you’ll first need to create a Power Clam by rounding up 10 standard clams.


So I’ve got a Power Clam. Now what?

Now BOOYAH! Take aim and smash that sucker right through and fire all your clams into the basket. Breaking through the barrier will net you 20 points, while each clam you toss in after that is worth 3 points.


Will that barrier stay down for the whole match?

Not likely! As soon as you break through, it’ll start to repair itself. By chucking clams in, you can extend the timer a little, but once it hits zero, the pesky thing will be back to dam your clams.

Moral of the story? As soon as you break through, toss in as many clams as you can possibly muster. It’s a shellfish siege!


What if the enemy breaks through my team’s barrier?

Fight back with all your might and prepare to counter-attack – once your barrier’s back up, a Power Clam will appear at your basket, so you can go up the other end and give ‘em what for.


Anything else I need to know?

  • If you get splatted, you’ll drop all the clams you were carrying.
  • If a teammate gets splatted, pick their clams up before the enemy does.
  • You can pass clams to a teammate with the A Button or L Button if you think it’ll help.
  • If the time runs out before a team reaches 0, the team with the highest score wins.


All right, I’m in. When can I start playing?

Going forward, it’ll be in Ranked & League Battle rotation alongside the existing Tower Control, Splat Zones and Rainmaker modes.


And don’t forget, you can record your most glorious Clam Blitz moments by holding the Capture Button, then upload the goods to social media for instant bragging rights.


— Squid Research Lab
Source: Splatoon’s Tumblr.



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