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NoE: ‘Max Brass joins Arms on July 12th!’

NintendObserverThe Commish joins the arena.





Max Brass joins ARMS on July 12th!

New fighter, ARMS and stage arriving via free update!


Version française ici : Max Brass rejoint ARMS le 12 juillet ! 😉 



Get pumped, fighting fans! A new challenger is joining ARMS on Nintendo Switch as part of a free update* coming July 12th. But just who is this new contender? Let’s take a look!


Max Brass – “The Commish”



Anyone who’s made it through the ARMS Grand Prix will know that this is the one and only Max Brass, head honcho of the ARMS League and reigning champ! When Max Brass charges up, he can pump up his beefy body to maximum buffness – so much so that he barely feels punches!


Arms Arms


That’s not all! When his health drops below a certain point, Max’s punches will stay charged up. Hang on a second…doesn’t that sound just like Spring Man?!



Just like any other ARMS competitor, Max Brass is bringing his three favourite ARMS along with him as part of the free update. Here are Max’s faves!


Nade – This highly volatile set of ARMS will make quite the impact, but only if you handle them with care!




Roaster – These fiery mitts swap accuracy for increased damage, so watch out if you see one of these headed your way.




Kablammer – An all-in-one combo that combines smashing and explosions! They say these ARMS were originally designed for demolishing buildings…




New stage: Sky Arena




What’s a new fighter without a new stage? This outdoor fighting arena was built on top of a super skyscraper. If that wasn’t epic enough, it even features giant statues of the champ himself looming over the ring. Try to stay focussed on the fight, yeah?


The new fighter Max Brass, his three favourite ARMS and his luxurious new stage will be added to ARMS via a free update on July 12th. Even more new fighters, stages and ARMS will added in future via free updates, so be on the lookout!


— Nintendo UK News
Source: Nintendo UK.



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