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NoA: ‘Happy Bros. Day from Mario & Luigi’

NintendObserverFirst time in my life I hear about this celebration.


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Brother’s Day



Brother’s Day



Show your bro some love this Brother’s Day by letting him win for once! You can take sibling rivalry to a new level with these awesome games starring Mario and Luigi, the most famous brothers in video-game history.


Here are just a few ways you and your bro can celebrate Brothers Day:

  • Team up to rescue Princess Peach in the New Super Mario Bros. U game ( Wii U™ )
  • Play the entire game in two-player multiplayer mode* in New Super Mario Bros. 2 ( Nintendo 3DS™ )
  • Embark on an adventure through the wild landscapes of Luigi’s imagination in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team ( Nintendo 3DS )
  • Travel back in time with the bros (and their baby versions) in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time ( Virtual Console™ – Wii U )
  • Journey beyond the borders of the Mushroom Kingdom in the Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga game (Virtual Console – Wii U )
  • Clear stages while going for a high score in Mario Bros. (Virtual Console – Nintendo 3DS & Wii U )


What a great way to say “Thanks, Bro!” to the guy who’s always got your back!


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