Niantic: ‘Pokémon GO will soon support traditional Chinese!’

Pokémon Go now supports traditional Chinese. 




Pokémon GO will soon support traditional Chinese!


April 6, 2017




We’re thrilled to announce that when Pokémon GO is updated to version 0.61.0 for Android and 1.31.0 for iOS, the game will be available in traditional Chinese!


The Pokémon GO team



Pokémon GO 即將新增繁體中文介面!


各位訓練家: 我們要宣布一個好消息!在此次版本更新後,Pokémon GO將自Android(0.61.0 )/iOS(1.31.0)起新增繁體中文介面!來自台灣、香港及世界各地的訓練家將可以用繁體中文介面來享受Pokémon GO的樂趣! 請追蹤我們的官方繁體中文TwitterFacebookGoogle+帳號,不要錯過Pokémon GO的最新訊息!


Pokémon GO開發團隊敬上


Source: Niantic.



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