NoE: ‘Let’s have a look at some of the fun ways to face off in 1-2-Switch!’

My brother is borderline unbeatable at Quick Draw. 




Let’s have a look at some of the fun ways to face off in 1-2-Switch!

28 minigames perfect for parties – available now on Nintendo Switch!


Version française ici : Découvrez les nombreux jeux dans 1-2-Switch pour affronter vos amis en vous amusant ! 😉



One of the best things about Nintendo Switch is the fact that you have two controllers right out of the box: the Joy-Con!


These trusty Joy-Con allow you to share the joy anytime, anywhere, with anyone and there are already several great experiences available that support two-player gaming, from the charming Snipperclips – Cut it out, together! to the high octane futuristic racer FAST RMX.

But there’s one game out now that’s simply perfect for parties – 1-2-Switch! Got a few people over? Great! Heading on a trip with friends? Don’t forget your Nintendo Switch!

Let’s take a look at some of the fun ways to face off in 1-2-Switch that are sure to test your friendships – in a good way!



Ever wanted to be a wizard? Who hasn’t? This one is all about timing. After your opponent thrusts their wand at you, use that opportunity to fire a counterattack! May the best wizard win!




Yep, you’ve probably seen this one. It’s the game where you milk an imaginary cow while staring right in your opponent’s face. Squeeze first with your index finger, then your middle finger as if you were milking a real cow and watch those cups fill up fast!



Quick Draw

A simple enough game – face each other and…shoot! Whoever points at their opponent and pulls the trigger first wins. Be careful not to shoot the dirt! You can always mix it up a little by starting off back to back. There’s also Fake Draw, which yells all sorts of words that sound like “fire” but aren’t…tricky stuff.



Table Tennis

Fancy something a bit more sporty? Table Tennis should do the trick! As you bat the ball back and forth, you can almost start to feel a real table between you. You can’t rely on the screen for this one, as that ball will stop showing up. You must become one with the bat.



Ball Count

You may have heard about HD rumble, one of the amazing features found in the Joy-Con, and Ball Count does a great job of showing it off! Tilt the Joy-Con so that the balls move slowly enough for you to feel them – it really feels like there are balls inside the Joy-Con. Check it out in the below video! Yes, that’s the same guy who was milking a cow earlier…



Copy Dance

How are your dance moves? In this one you need to pay attention to your opponent’s moves. The more accurately you can copy them, the higher your score. Try to strike the weirdest and most difficult pose you can!



That’s just six of the 28 fun ways you can face off in 1-2-Switch! You can discover some of the others over at our official 1-2-Switch website including Samurai Training, Soda Shake, Shave, Sword Fight and Telephone!

Whether you’re playing at home or out in the wild, we hope you’re enjoying 1-2-Switch with your family and friends! 

— Nintendo UK News
Source: Nintendo UK.



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