Weekly Nintendo eShop Downloads – February 2, 2017 (Europe)

Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World, Bomberman ’94 and Gradius from Turbografx.




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Download new games, applications and other content to your Wii U or Nintendo 3DS family system, directly from Nintendo eShop. Take a look at what’s new this week or scroll down for more information on downloadable games for your Nintendo systems.


The Legend of Zelda Weeks 2017 Sale



From now until 09/02/2017 on Nintendo eShop, you can get 30% off on a number of top The Legend of Zelda titles for Nintendo 3DS family systems and Wii U with My Nintendo. Even if you’re not a My Nintendo user yet, you can still get discounts on The Legend of Zelda Nintendo 3DS HOME Menu themes and add-on content!

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Nintendo 3DS


Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World

Join Yoshi in a dyed-in-the-wool platformer that’s bursting with crafty colours and textures in Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World for Nintendo 3DS! 


New Nintendo 3DS download software


New Nintendo 3DS



Lifespeed is the ultimate race for survival. Battle your galactic opponents while flying at high speed through exciting tunnels. Your planet needs you! 


Nintendo 3DS download software


Nintendo 3DS


Legna Tactica

Save the Kingdom through tactical battles! Strategy is the only key to victory!


Nintendo 3DS


Punch Club

Train hard, fight crocodiles and find love. 


Wii U download software


Wii U



Time to race! In BRICK RACE, quickly turn left or right to dodge traffic and collect a high score!


Wii U



Switch or stay – that’s how you play this game!


Wii U


Koi DX

Koi DX reflects a tranquil and mesmerising experience as you embark on an introspective journey through the lens of a lone koi fish that has been separated from its owner and is the last hope for purifying waters polluted by mankind.


Wii U


Shadow Archer

You are Shadow, a skilled archer of the realm.


Wii U


Star Splash: Shattered Star

The celestial Mother Star brought balance to the planet for millennia. 


Virtual Console (Wii U)


Turbografx (PC Engine), Wii, Wii U



Bomberman has arrived to restore peace on the planet, which has been split into five parts by an evil hand.


Turbografx (PC Engine), Wii U



You are the last hope of the gentle people of Gradius. 


Wii U add-on content


Wii U


Minecraft: Wii U Edition

Minecraft: Wii U Edition is a game about placing blocks and going on adventures. 


Special offers

Alien on the run (Nintendo 3DS)

Citadale (Wii U)

Crazy Construction (Nintendo 3DS)

Crollors Game Pack (Nintendo 3DS)

Epic Dumpster Bear (Wii U)

Epic Word Search Holiday Special (Nintendo 3DS)

Mortar Melon (Wii U)

Pinball Breakout (Wii U)

Plenty of Fishies (Wii U)

Power Disc Slam (Nintendo 3DS)

Rorrim (Wii U)

Splat The Difference (Nintendo 3DS)


Word Party (Wii U)


— Nintendo UK News
Source: Nintendo UK.


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