Capcom: ‘Demon’s Crest scorches the New Nintendo 3DS eShop!’

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Demon’s Crest



Demon’s Crest scorches the New Nintendo 3DS eShop!




Demon’s Crest


“All Hell is about to break loose.” – What an accurate statement from an old Demon’s Crest magazine ad, because this 1994 Super Nintendo cult classic is now available for $7.99 on the New Nintendo 3DS eShop!

As the third game in the Ghosts ‘n Goblins’ spin-off series known as Gargoyle’s Quest here in the West, Demon’s Crest is a marvelous side-scrolling action-adventure platformer that freshened up the genre in the mid-90s. Read on to find out just what makes Firebrand’s third outing so special.


1. BE the Red Arremer


Demon’s Crest


Tired of being reduced to bones by the Red Arremer in the Ghosts ‘n Goblins games? Well, as luck would have it, you now get to be one! There are many Red Arremers out there who have fallen to Arthur’s javelins, but Firebrand stands (or flies) above the rest!

Like in the previous Gargoyle’s Quest games, Firebrand can hover indefinitely in the air with his gargoyle wings, latch onto walls and fire off a blast of his flame breath at the demons who dare oppose him. He can also now break statues in the background for loot. These moves made Demon’s Crest stand out among platformers of the time that were beholden to keeping your character grounded.


2. Multiple forms


Demon’s Crest


Borrowing a page from the Mega Man X games, Firebrand can explore the world around him and unlock crests that grant him new forms. Transforming into these forms grant him new abilities, like dashing along the ground, soaring through the air and diving into bodies of water to hang out with the aquatic ghouls of the deep.


3. Doom ‘n gloom soundtrack


Demon’s Crest


A big thing that stood out for me when I played Demon’s Crest for the first time was its soundtrack. Composed by Toshihiko Horiyama (Mega Man X4, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney), the music is rightfully moody and dramatic thanks to the heavy use of organ. Listen to the first level’s track “Beyond the Colosseum” and try not to be whisked away into a decrepit, macabre world where ghosts ‘n goblins rule and humans drool.


4. Forge your own path


Demon’s Crest


The main goal of the game tasks Firebrand to reclaim the Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Time crests he was robbed of from rival demon, Phalanx. In an interesting blend of RPG and Mega Man-esque level design, Demon’s Crest allows the player to tackle some areas in a different order. There’s even a town hub where one can talk to NPCs, purchase items and spells or partake in a challenging headbutting mini-game.

There’s also a world map for you to fly around in. From there, you can choose which area to access next and uncover multiple endings, further adding to that great feeling of player agency.


5. Headbutts


Demon’s Crest


Headbutts. Headbutts for days!


Anyway, enough of my nostalgic ramblings – grab the game for $7.99 on the New Nintendo 3DS or Wii U eShop today and soak in all of that beautiful pixel art and animation! 


Demon’s Crest


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— Patrick at Capcom
Source: Capcom Unity.



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