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Pokémon: ‘A New Look for Regionals’

NintendObserverRegionals events will no longer be clustered into three seasonal periods, but spread over the calendar year. 


Pokémon Regional Championships



Pokémon Regional Championships

A New Look for Regionals

Plan on more Pokémon Regional Championships events and bigger prizes this season.


September 19, 2016


The Pokémon TCG and Video Game Regionals Championships give Trainers the opportunity to compete in important events throughout the whole Championship Series. With excellent prizes and lots of Championship Points on the line, every competition is always fun and fierce.


For the 2017 Championship Series season, Regionals events will no longer be clustered into three seasonal periods, but spread over the calendar year. This will make it easier for even the busiest Trainers to attend multiple events and compete in more large events throughout the year.

The prize pool for each Pokémon Regional Championships is bigger than ever, with individual event prize pools up to $50,000, depending on attendance. Plus, every Regional event—regardless of location—will use the same attendance-based thresholds for calculating available prize pools. The actual amount and size of the prizes awarded at an event will depend on the number of participants—the more people who compete, the more prizes will be available. The Trainers who come out on top of the largest, most competitive events will earn the biggest prizes, so be sure to round up all of your friends to play and have fun!

These are just some of the exciting changes to the Pokémon Regional Championships. Get more details on prizes, participation requirements, and more on the Regionals page.


The first North American Pokémon Regional Championships event is in Phoenix, Arizona, on October 1, 2016. Consult the event locator to find future Regionals events. Stay tuned to to find out about more Regional Championships events.


Good luck, Trainers!


— Pokémon News
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