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Nintendo UK: ‘Yo-kai Watch: Your Questions Answered’

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Yo-kai Watch



Yo-kai Watch: Your Questions Answered

We invited Nintendo fans to ask their YO-KAI WATCH® questions via social media. Find the answers within…




Coming to Nintendo 3DS on April 29th 2016, YO-KAI WATCH® is a brand new videogame series full of many exciting things to discover. As such, we’re sure there are a lot of questions about what the game is and what there is to do. With that in mind, we invited members of Nintendo UK’s social media community to ask their burning questions about YO-KAI WATCH. We received some great queries and even some funny ones, so please read on to find our answers and discover more about the mysterious Yo-kai that hide all around you…



Just a quick one from a Mario veteran and a noob everywhere else, what is YO-KAI WATCH? – Theodore Murton, Instagram

What a great place to start! YO-KAI WATCH is a brand new game for Nintendo 3DS, by Level-5, the same company that created the Professor Layton series, Inazuma Eleven and Little Battlers eXperience, and developed Dragon Quest IX for Nintendo DS! As you might expect from Level-5, YO-KAI WATCH is an RPG! In it you search the town of Springdale to find the mysterious Yo-kai that are hidden all around you. Once befriended, they’ll join you on your adventures and help you out in battle against other Yo-kai. The game was first released in Japan in 2013 and has been a smash hit, spawning several sequels and spin-offs, so we hope that you love it too!


What exactly ARE the Yo-kai? – Erin Wilson-Clark, Facebook

Yo-kai are mischievous beings that hide all around you, affecting your daily lives whether you realise it or not. Have you ever laid awake at night unable to get to sleep, for example? It’s probably because the Yo-kai Insomni has inspirited you. Maybe you’ve been so hungry that you eat far too much and swell your belly. That would be Hungramps’ doing. There are many Yo-kai, all with different personality traits like these so we hope you enjoy discovering their mischief for yourself.


How many Yo-Kai are there? – Jack Seamour, Instagram

There are hundreds of different Yo-kai to discover. In fact you’ll find more than 200 in YO-KAI WATCH! Using the Yo-kai Watch itself, a special wristwatch worn by main characters Nate and Katie, you have what it takes to discover these Yo-kai all around you.


How do Yo-kai evolve? – WhisperWolf, Twitter

The more your Yo-kai battle, the more experience they gain. Once they reach a certain level, some Yo-kai will become new, improved versions of themselves. For example, the timid Komasan will evolve into the brave and bold Komane. You can also evolve your Yo-kai by fusing them with an item or another Yo-kai! Make sure to experiment and see what new Yo-kai you can discover in this way!


Are there different types of Yo-kai? – George Louth, Instagram

Yes! They’re called tribes, and each of the 200 Yo-kai belongs to one of eight of these tribes. If Yo-kai of the same tribe are positioned side-by-side in battle then it will even increase their abilities! For more information on Yo-kai tribes and their personalities, see the Discover Yo-kai page on our official YO-KAI WATCH website.


What do you think is the most powerful Yo-kai? – Aph America, Instagram

Any Yo-kai can become very powerful if you level them up enough, evolve them or fuse them with other Yo-kai. But there are also evil boss Yo-kai that you will have to battle and work hard to defeat during your adventure. These boss Yo-kai are especially powerful and have large, fearsome appearances.


Is there a Yo-kai that makes you smell bad? – Iskleetz, Instagram

There actually is! Meet Cheeksqueek… He’s a Yo-kai who cannot stop breaking wind. So, yes, he could make you smell pretty bad and everyone would think it’s your fault. How embarrassing!


What kind of Yo-kai is Whisper? – Andrew Paolo, Instagram

Whisper is a pretty special Yo-kai. He prides himself on being helpful and will happily guide you through Springdale, as the “Yo-kai butler” and introduce the world of YO-KAI WATCH to you.


What was Jibanyan’s name when he was alive? – Joseph, Twitter

Jibanyan’s name was originally Rudy, and you’re right to suspect that there’s more to discover about this popular Yo-kai. Make sure to play YO-KAI WATCH thoroughly and we’re sure you’ll learn a lot about Jibanyan’s past.


How many versions of Jibanyan are there? – Nate, Instagram

There’s really only one Jibanyan but there are quite a few more Yo-kai who are similar to this fan-favourite. Take Robonyan for example, a robotic version of Jibanyan from the future! Or Baddinyan, a particularly naughty Yo-kai created by fusing together a Jibanyan with a Roughraff. There are quite a few variations of Jibanyan to discover, as there are for other Yo-kai, so keep playing and try new things. You never know what secrets you may find.


Can we switch the Yo-kai names to their original Japanese? – Michael Anthony, Instagram

Can we nickname the Yo-kai? – George Louth, Instagram

There’s no in-game option to switch the localised Yo-kai names to their Japanese counterparts. But, yes, you can give your own Yo-kai a nickname so you could input the Japanese names if you like. Many of the localised names are puns relating to the Yo-kai’s appearance and characteristics so we’d love to see what fun new names you can come up with!


How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? – Unicorn123, Popjam

Well, that’s a very challenging question and one we’re not confident we can answer here today. But we do know how much wood a Sproink could chuck! This Boss Yo-kai loves hot springs and always carries with him two wooden buckets, one to cover up his weak spot (his belly button!) and the other to throw at your Yo-kai! So maybe the question should be, “How many wood buckets could a Sproink chuck if a Sproink could chuck wooden buckets?” (Which they can.)


YO-KAI WATCH will be available from shops and as a downloadable version from Nintendo eShop on April 29th, only on Nintendo 3DS family systems. Try the free demo today on Nintendo eShop.


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