NoE: ‘Discover your inner artist on our updated Art Academy: Atelier gamepage’

NintendObserverArt Academy Atelier arrives on Wii U in Europe in under a week.


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Art Academy Atelier



Version française ici : Découvrez l’artiste qui sommeille en vous sur la page actualisée d’Art Academy: Atelier. 😉



Take a tour of your virtual studio on our new Art Academy: Atelier website, as you follow an artistic journey from novice to master. With your friendly guide, Vince, you’ll progress through a series of fun, step-by-step lessons, each focusing on a different technique. Learn the theory, then watch Vince demonstrate each technique, before applying your new skill with the GamePad and stylus, only on Wii U!


The two main courses, Beginner and Advanced, comprise a total of 11 lessons, plus 14 Mini Lessons, which focus on the practical element only. Choose between Studio Subjects for human and animal models, plus still life objects, or Landscape Composition to find an engaging angle from various locations. You can also get to grips with many different materials in the Tools course, too. In Free Paint, practise and experiment, either from a reference image imported via SD card, or entirely from your imagination!

You’ll also learn about your Portfolio and virtual Gallery, plus the option to share direct to Miiverse, post speed videos online, or export to SD card for printing and emailing to friends.


A colourful, new outlook – plus information about a discount for Art Academy: SketchPad owners – awaits you on the new Art Academy: Atelier website.


Art Academy: Atelier will be available from shops and as a downloadable version from Nintendo eShop on June 26th, only on Wii U.


— Nintendo UK News
Source: Nintendo UK.



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