Capcom: ‘Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Free DLC line-up for June’

“The Tetsuya Nomura collaboration was made specifically for the Western version of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.”




Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Free DLC line-up for June






We’re now officially in June, and as promised, here’s another batch of FREE DLC for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate! This time, we’re featuring the Animal Crossing and Devil May Cry collaborations as well as a brand new set of gear designed by renowned Square Enix designer Tetsuya Nomura! Watch the full DLC trailer below as you download this pack. 😀



It’s worth noting that the Tetsuya Nomura collaboration was made specifically for the Western version Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. And here are some renders of what it looks like up close:


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Fashion hunting apparently isn’t enough for some of you, so here are the stats for the armor designed by Tetsuya Nomura:








As usual, here are some numbers for those that are keeping count:


14 New quests
5 New weapons
1 Complete armor set
4 Palico weapons
4 Palico armor sets
1 Bonus Palico: Pink Pal
3 Guild Card backgrounds
6 Guild Card titles


To get this content, all you need to do is 1) connect your Nintendo 3DS to the Internet, 2) load your copy of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate3) go to the “DLC” menu and 4) download all the things!

Quests will be saved under “Event Quests” (with the Questatrix) and “Challenge Quests” (with the Arena Bambina) in the Gathering Hall. G-Rank quests and G-Rank Challege Quests can be found in the Elder Hall and Assembly, respectively.

For the Episode Quests make sure to talk to your Housekeeper and read their directions; some quests will show up at the Gathering Hall while other will come up at the Elder Hall.


Remember to get all of this as well as the March, April and May DLC packs. Happy hunting!


— Yuri Araujo at Capcom
Source: Capcom Unity.



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