Level-5 Vision 2015 – Japanese Presentations

NintendObserverThere’s a fun English bit from Hasbro in it. And I think that was Motsu from M.O.V.E. rapping in the opening.


Level-5 Vision 2015



【LEVEL5 VISION 2015】02. Opening:



【LEVEL5 VISION 2015】03. Layton 7:



【LEVEL5 VISION 2015】04. Fantasy Life 2:



【LEVEL5 VISION 2015】05. Yo-kai Watch Overseas Partners (with English):



【LEVEL5 VISION 2015】06. Yo-kai Watch Busters:



【LEVEL5 VISION 2015】07. Yo-kai Sangokushi:



【LEVEL5 VISION 2015】08. Yo-kai Watch Puni Puni:



【LEVEL5 VISION 2015】09. Yo-kai Watch X Universal Studios Japan, Yo-kai Watch The Real:



【LEVEL5 VISION 2015】10. Yo-kai Dai Jiten:



【LEVEL5 VISION 2015】11. Yo-kai Watch GerapoRhythm:



【LEVEL5 VISION 2015】12. Level-5 ID:



【LEVEL5 VISION 2015】13. Yo-kai Watch Second Season Initiative (Part 1), Overview / Anime:



【LEVEL5 VISION 2015】14. Yo-kai Watch Second Season Initiative (Part 2), New Characters / New Watch:



【LEVEL5 VISION 2015】15. Yo-kai Watch Second Season Initiative (Part 3), Yo-kai Watch 3:



【LEVEL5 VISION 2015】16. Yo-kai Watch Second Season Initiative (Part 4), Movies / Toys:



【LEVEL5 VISION 2015】18. Yo-kai Watch Second Season Initiative (Part 6), Summary:



【LEVEL5 VISION 2015】19. Latest Cross-Media Project, Snack World:



【LEVEL5 VISION 2015】20. Ending:




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