Nintendo & DeNA Business and Capital Alliance Announcement Q&A 8: Data Management

NintendObserver“We would never allow a situation to occur that could jeopardize Nintendo’s relationship with its consumers.”


Nintendo DeNA




Which party will hold the user database and which party will be responsible for consumer payments? You also mentioned that you would develop a new membership service, which will replace the current Club Nintendo. If DeNA were responsible for the operation of the membership service, I guess it would be possible that the image of the company that actively deals in the “Gacha” type charging system might affect the consumers who play with Nintendo IP. What does Nintendo think about this possibility?





The two companies will jointly develop the new membership service but Nintendo will be the primary party that operates it, so all the data will be held by Nintendo. But if your first question was regarding the smart device game applications that both companies will jointly develop and operate, because the two companies will jointly operate them, DeNA must be able to access the data in order to execute its business. Needless to say, both companies will discuss and determine which data can be accessible for each purpose and whether or not doing so will meet both companies’ common interests. Accordingly, I believe that we would never allow a situation to occur that could jeopardize Nintendo’s relationship with its consumers.



Just as Mr. Iwata pointed out, we will be operating the new games for smart devices together. And therefore, the data that we accumulate will not be used for a separate business without communicating this to each other. If consumers allow us to utilize the data, we might do so, but the data will not be used without one company informing the other.



I think I should repeat what Mr. Moriyasu just said so that our consumers will be relieved that it is impossible to use data for any other purposes than the originally intended use unless both companies will have agreed to do so and will have received prior consent from consumers.


— Nintendo Co., Ltd.
DeNA Co., Ltd.
Business and Capital Alliance Announcement
Source: Nintendo JP.



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