Nintendo & DeNA Business and Capital Alliance Announcement Q&A 5: Target Markets

NintendObserver“We aim to target the global market.”


Nintendo DeNA




Does the “global market” include Japan? In which markets will you release your first game app?




When we say “global market,” it naturally includes Japan. I used “global” in its literal meaning of a global market. There is significance in the fact that any place where consumers with smart devices exist can be a market for our game applications since we are able to deliver our software by taking advantage of smart devices’ digital distribution functionality. So, we aim to target the global market.

On the other hand, when any company does things simultaneously, there are always human resource and time constraints. We are yet to come to the stage where we can analyze whether or not a simultaneous global launch will actually be feasible. We must first review and decide what kind of deployment we should make in which area. We will make more announcements in the future as we conclude these reviews.

Today, this is an opportunity for both companies to announce that we have formed this sort of alliance and that we have made our first step together. Please wait for our future announcements for such details as which Nintendo IP will be used, which country will be first, in which order global deployment shall take place and which party will be featured as the game publisher or the service provider. We will make some announcements when we are ready to do so later this year.


— Nintendo Co., Ltd.
DeNA Co., Ltd.
Business and Capital Alliance Announcement
Source: Nintendo JP.



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