Paper Monsters Recut – Weekly Screenshot #1

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Paper Monsters Recut



Nintendo Everything:

It’s been a little while since we last featured a game from an independent developer on the top of Nintendo Everything through the “Weekly Screenshot” feature, but after Shin’en wrapped up their tenure with us showcasing exclusive Art of Balance images, we decided to take our time looking for a developer that had a game with something worth sharing with your eyes. Our choice this time? Mobot Studios’ Paper Monster Recut, which falls under the categories of “Wii U eShop game” and “charming platformer.”

Our liaison at Mobot Studios is Jon Williams, and he’s going to give us a bit of context on the intriguing screenshot below:


Paper Monsters Recut


Here’s our first screenshot. It’s from a new night time level in the first world of the game. We really like the look we were able to achieve with the angle of light from the moon reflecting off the top of objects, the glow from the new bloom lighting, and the real time shadows that are all new in Paper Monsters Recut.


— Jon Williams
Source: Nintendo Everything.



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