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Capcom: ‘TGS 2014: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s Palicoes get a Sonic the Hedgehog armor’

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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate



TGS 2014: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s Palicoes get a Sonic the Hedgehog armor


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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate


Arm your Felynes with Sonic the Hedgehog armor in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate!

Not only that, but you also get his sword Caliburn! And let’s not forget this Guild Card background that just oozes with classiness… so much nostalgia right now.


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

By selecting this Guild Card background and a specific pose, your Sub Palico will be perfectly placed at the loop. Neat, right?


You’ll be able to enjoy these special collaborations items in both North American and Europeans version of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, which comes out on the Nintendo 3DS early 2015.


Side note: for those that didn’t know, a Felyne that goes with you on a hunt is called Palico in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.


— Yuri Araujo at Capcom
Source: Capcom Unity.



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