Pokémon ORAS – Wally

Timmy a trop la classe avec son Méga-Gallame !!!! 😀




Wally / Timmy


Wally is a Trainer who grows in the hope of catching up to you. This young man lives with his parents in Petalburg City. Shy, even meek, Wally speaks rarely and takes care to be polite.

Wally’s partner Pokémon is Ralts, the first Pokémon he ever caught. With Ralts at his side, he will put his full effort into strengthening himself as a Trainer.

Wally becomes a Mega Evolution user, wearing a Mega Pendant that is outfitted with a Key Stone of his own.


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Wally and Mega Gallade


You’ll encounter another never-before-seen Mega Evolution in the Hoenn region. Wally’s Pokémon Ralts will evolve as it grows, and as its bonds with Wally likewise deepen, it will gain the ability to Mega Evolve!




Source: Pokémon Ruby Sapphire.
Ici en français : Timmy. 😉



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