Pokémon ORAS – Mega Sharpedo

Speed biting.




Mega Sharpedo / Méga-Sharpedo


The fangs in Mega Sharpedo’s mouth have transformed, and the horns that have sprouted from its nose can be regrown countless times. The yellow patterns on its body are scars carved into it in battle. With explosive propulsion, it can exceed 125 mph in an instant.

When it Mega Evolves, all of its stats see a boost, and its already high Attack is whetted still further. In addition, Mega Sharpedo gains the Strong Jaw Ability, which raises the power of biting attacks. Have it learn moves that will take advantage of this aggressive Ability!


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Brutal and cruelly clever, Sharpedo is the gangster of the seas. It has fangs that can snap through steel, and a single Sharpedo can tear a large tanker into pieces. At its top speeds, it can travel faster than 75 mph.


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Source: Pokémon Ruby Sapphire.
Ici en français : Méga-Sharpedo. 😉



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