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NoA: ‘Pre-order Hyrule Warriors and get exclusive DLC’

NintendObserverPre-order DLCs at GameStop, Best Buy, and


Hyrule Warriors



Hyrule Warriors



Starting on September 26, you can cut down legions of enemies as Link™, Midna, and other Legend of Zelda™ characters using over-the-top powerful Dynasty-Warriors-style moves. Hyrule Warriors™ for Wii U is a tour de force through the beloved locales of Hyrule that will have you battling the fiercest enemies in Zelda history.

Pre-order today with select retailers to get cool bonus DLC—a costume set from The Legend of Zelda series: Ocarina of Time at GameStop, Skyward Sword at Best Buy, or Twilight Princess at Plus, if you register the game with Club Nintendo between 9/26 and 10/23 you can download free DLC: two costumes for Ganondorf that you can use in-game.


— Nintendo What’s New
Source: Nintendo.



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