NoA: ‘Buy Azure Striker Gunvolt and receive Mighty Gunvolt for free’

I can’t believe they brought the Mighty Gunvolt promotion to the West!!! 😀







On August 29, both Azure Striker GUNVOLT and MIGHTY GUNVOLT launch exclusively in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS. For a limited time, people who purchase Azure Striker GUNVOLT for $14.99 before November 28 will receive a digital copy of the 8-bit nostalgia-fueled MIGHTY GUNVOLT for free.


Azure Striker GUNVOLT is a new indie game from developer Inti Creates and Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune. Fans of classic video games – especially 2D action games – are very familiar with the name Keiji Inafune. The mega mind behind the iconic Mega Man series is one of the most prolific and recognizable video game designers in the industry. He is teaming up with Inti Creates as an executive producer to bring this dynamic new game to the Nintendo 3DS hand-held system.

In Azure Striker GUNVOLT, players take control of a hero with the power of lightning in multiple, over-the-top 2D action stages. Using various powers and abilities like Flashfield, which always hits locked-on enemies, players battle for high scores through gorgeous levels that culminate in powerful boss battles.


MIGHTY GUNVOLT brings a healthy dose of nostalgia to the Nintendo eShop. The new game sports 8-bit graphics and is very reminiscent of classic action games on the NES. The game stars Gunvolt and Beck, two characters from Inafune’s upcoming indie game Mighty No. 9.


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