Camp Miiverse: 18th and Final Challenge, Mario Kart 8

#TeamZelda, it’s our final hour, now or never. We’re taking it to Hyrule.




Hi campers, are you ready for the final challenge?


We’re starting the Mario Kart 8 weekend tournaments challenge starting right now! Same rules as last time, play as either Team Mario or Team Zelda and get as many points as you can for your team. Whichever team that wins 2 out of the 3 tournaments will win this challenge!


Camp Miiverse Fri 9am-9pm PT

Camp Miiverse Sat 9am-9pm PT

Camp Miiverse Sun 9am-9pm PT


Anyone can join Camp Miiverse at anytime, even if you’re just joining us in our final days. I¹ll try to join for a bit today so hope to see you on the race tracks. We’ll be announcing the winning team on Monday, and the final winning team at that time.

Good luck campers, and may the best team win!




— Tom (NNID: NintendoTom)
Source: Miiverse.



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…Wanna play? Buy a Wii U.

And if you’ve already got yours, click on Mario Kart 8 for everything you need to know about the game. 😀