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Stephen Frost updates on Sonic Boom on The Sonic Stadium’s Forums

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Sonic Boom



I’ve been asked to chime in a bit here so I’ll do what I can to share some info with you all. I’ve said it a few times in the past, but there were key reasons why we announced the Sonic Boom initiative when we did. Along with that, there are a lot of partners involved with Sonic Boom so we have to be mindful of their timelines and requirements for their respective fields. It’s not just about a game anymore… This is a large group effort so any announcements and information shared publically needs to really be planned and organized carefully. We need to make sure that things we reveal don’t impact other parts and vice versa.

I completely appreciate the fact that you fans are hungry for info specific to the games, I really do. And that’s why we all work these endless late nights and weekends… It’s to get all the pieces in place for when the campaign does really kick off. We still have a ways until the cartoon and game launch, as well as the new toy line, so we need to pace all the info appropriately. And it all starts as we head into E3. You’ll learn more, for sure, but not everything. And the reveal of new assets and info should be more frequent from that point on. But trust me when I say there is no lack of effort by anyone involved with Sonic Boom. This is, by far, the biggest united effort I have personally ever seen Sega be involved in. We want to share everything with everyone because we are so excited… We just can’t… Yet.


— Stephen Frost, Producer on Sonic Boom
Source: SonicStadium.


I’ve sent interview questions for Stephen Frost but now I can understand that he can’t answer. For the record, here were my four questions:

  1. First and foremost: are the preparations on the road to E3 going well for you guys on Sonic Boom?
  2. What are the involvements in being a producer on not only a multimedia project, but on a multicultural project as well?
  3. Without looking into any NDAs, how does a partnership with Nintendo comes into being on the partner’s end?
  4. I would love to have you, Bob Rafei and one of the Sansaru developers for an interview once this entire project is complete. At this stage of what we’ve come to know so far about Sonic Boom, what is your favorite part about the game, and how do you see it resonate among veteran gamers?


I really hope he can answer, though. At least before E3…



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