NintendObserverHi there and welcome to my site! 🙂

My name is Luther, founder of NintendObserver. I also go by DePapier or Luther DePapier across the Internet.


Why NintendObserver?

I’ve been a gaming enthusiast on the web for quite some time now and through my experience, something has been baffling me about the perception of Nintendo in the gaming community: more than the orchestrated misinformation, it’s the sheer ignorance.

Ignorance of what Nintendo is. Ignorance of what Nintendo has done. But mostly, a sincere lack of research on what Nintendo is doing, what this objectively means for the business of the company, and by extension what this means for the future of videogames.


At NintendObserver, I strive to learn and to understand what makes Nintendo. I strive to comprehend the business of Nintendo as well as the rationale behind their decisions in order to envision accurate expectations of what the company might be cooking for its fans. I strive to provide content that is related to what Nintendo announce themselves such as through Nintendo Directs and corporate management briefings, straight from the mouths of late Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata and his Koopalings. 😉


And ultimately, I aim for NintendObserver to be the #1 source on the Internet for all things concrete with regards to the world of Nintendo.


Thank you for stopping by. 🙂


— Luther (DePapier)
Founder, Owner, One-Man Blogger and Editor-in-Chief at NintendObserver.com



Update #1:
March 30, 2014 NintendObserver’s Twitter account is now live! @NintendObserver


Update #2:
March 30, 2014 You may now contact me at nintendobserver@gmail.com.


Update #3:
May 4, 2014 NintendObserver’s Youtube account is now live! Luther DePapier


Update #4:
May 4, 2014 NintendObserver’s Google+ account is now live. +LutherDePapier


Update #5:
April 4, 2016 NintendObs Console and NintendObs Handheld are now open on Discord.


Update #6:
April 4, 2016 PayPal donations are now available.


Update #7:
May 23, 2016 NintendObserver is now on Vimeo.



Update #8:
April 3, 2017 NintendObsNintendObs UNintendObs 3D and NintendObs Switch are now open on Discord.


Update #9:
April 3, 2017 NintendObserver is now on Tipeee.


I hope you’ll enjoy your time on NintendObserver as much as I do. 😀


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  1. Haha, nice! Really looking forward to seeing this site grow 😀 You might wanna check out my site sometime, we often do giveaways and such. Let me know if you’re interested in doing one 😀

  2. Hello Luther (DePapier), it’s your friend Peter (PaPierre).

    I just wanted to stop by and tell you that I think you are doing a very good job with your site. Please keep up the solid work. Personally I find your site better than PE…just don’t tell Francis! LOL

    You’ve earned a regular visitor!

  3. I have no idea where you find the time to keep your site up to date with so much information. Keep doing a great job!

  4. Yo DePapier! It’s me TimG. I have been wanting to see your site for ages but it kept falling in my backburner plans.

    Wow. So THIS is your website DePapier! (I saw your real name at the top, but I’ll just say DePapier if that’s okay with you =P). I gotta say, I like what I see. I don’t really use Twitter, so I don’t know the ropes, but you got an interview with Shin’En? And just 9 hours ago from the time of typing? It was pretty cool too I must say. Huh. I think may have just found another site aside from Playeressence where I can get info on Nintendo without having to block part of my monitor for fear of reading flamebait headlines. Hope this turns into something beautiful!

    • Thanks for your feedback, TimG, glad you liked the interview!! 🙂 We keep it troll-free here on NintendObserver. Who ever feels like commenting can do so either on Twitter or on Miiverse. 😛 I’m definitely striving to make this something grand.

  5. Hello again DePapier, PaPierre here!

    Haven’t been on Miiverse in a bit to thank you so I wanted to stop by here and say thanks for promoting Fossil Fighters Forums: Tyrannosaur Talk!

    My vision is to make this a one-stop place where everything FF is covered, and even to support a “league” of sorts where users from around the world could set up their own tournaments.

    Thank you again good friend!

  6. Hey DePapier! It’s me TimG57867 again! Haven’t seen you in a while, especially since Playeressence switched to Disqis. That said, I don’t think you’d miss out on too much at this point. I get that this wasn’t the golden E3 we all were hoping for, but people’s reactions all over the net are really getting out of hand. No I am not just talking about people voicing criticism and disappointment. No, things have gone totally haywire with E3 2015. And sadly, it seems PE is slowly succumbing to it. I hope this is just a phase, but PE as a whole seems to be going downhill with the switch to disqus not helping. I get that people are disappointed which is fine, but that’s no excuse for some of the stuff I’ve been seeing. Heck I don’t even want to go into to detail.

    DePapier, I just want to say that regardless of happens, you should keep doing your best to keep things level on your site, because things seem to be falling apart at PE atm. Maybe the E3 fumes just need to blow over, but in general I really hate what I am seeing around the net. Do your best keep that off your site and keep up the good work.

    • I saw it coming about PE with the switch to Disqus. That’s exactly why I left.

      I wasn’t fine with the Nintendo Digital Event this E3 and was relatively ranting on Twitter about it that day. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do my job the way it actually needs to be done. And in the end, actually, I loved the Nintendo Treehouse Live and I consider this E3 for Nintendo to be relatively solid, all things considered.

      A little tidbit. In the Metroid Prime: Federation Force segment today (Treehouse Live Day 3), producer Kensuke Tanabe confirmed that Next Level Games are developing the game, not Retro. A little something else, he hinted as a final note at the fact that it was just a part of what they’re doing with Metroid, which to me pretty much means that Retro is working on the Metroid Prime game we’re expecting on Wii U, but they might need time, and their project will require the Federation Force money, since 90% of the people I can expect to be ranting about Federation Force never bought Metroid Prime Trilogy in the first place, and 99% probably didn’t even finished the damn game.

      So, on topic, you don’t need to worry, I’ll keep on working on my blog and keep it troll-free the way it is. Unfortunately I got banned from Miiverse and had a little bad blood with Nintendo UK on that, but I still have my job to do.

      My program for this E3 week is.

      – Thursday (today), having all the Treehouse Live from Day 2 + the full Day 3 (not sure I can do it now, though…)
      – Friday, having all the Treehouse Live from Day 3 + the Media Create Top 50 along with my Observations on the Media Create
      – Saturday, getting all the Screenshots from e3.nintendo.com
      – Sunday, getting all the Trailers from Nintendo’s Youtube channel

      I’m not so sure I’ll be able to be on time today, since I still have the Weekly eShop Downloads to work on, but over the course of the entire week I think I’ll be able to get everything done. 🙂

      With that out of the way, I’m really glad to hear back from you, and to be honest… I’m really glad to see that you value the importance of what it is that I’m trying to achieve. 😀

      • Thanks. With so much vitriol and insanity, sane people to talk to are as valuable as gold right now. Just like you, the initial event didn’t blow me away and some of the stuff actually turned me off at first. But as I kept watching and learning more about what was shown, I ended up leaving, eager to see how all the upcoming stuff will turn out. But sadly, a lot of people are to busy raging to think clearly and just see how things role from here. I am hoping Nintendo busts out a Nintendo Direct in July or August to set all this stuff straight.

        In any case, I will be looking forward to updates throughout the week. Heck, I think I’ll look into the twitter part too. I don’t use twitter much but I’d like to see the community.

      • You’re very welcome. This is a busy week for me but, as I’ll strive to get everything done, I think you’ll enjoy having the possibility to appreciate Nintendo content without on-page comments.

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