NoA: ‘Explore and create epic worlds in Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition’

It took three years for Minecraft to come to Wii U; two months to come to Nintendo Switch.






One of the most popular games of all time has arrived on the Nintendo Switch™ console! Embark on a quest of survival as you craft weapons, armor, and shelter to fend off dangerous mobs. Or if you’d rather focus on crafting spectacular worlds, Creative Mode gives you unlimited resources to set your imagination free. Want to build a giant banana skyscraper with a rooftop pool? Go for it!

Also included are six fan-favorite DLC packs and the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack. This pack contains 40 Super Mario-themed skins, Mario-themed versions of the Overworld, The Nether, and The End, and a number of fun surprises for fans.


Also included:

  • Quick and easy multiplayer. Up to 4 friends can play together locally (on the TV or in tabletop mode) and up to 8 friends can craft online.
  • Battle, Tumble, and Glide multiplayer mini games where you fight for survival and high scores.
  • A starter bundle of DLC packs which include the Battle & Beasts Skin Pack, Battle & Beasts Skin Pack 2, Natural Texture Packs, City Texture Packs, Fantasy Texture Pack, Festive Mash-up Pack and Super Mario Mash-Up pack.
  • The ability to start your creations at home and then take them on the go!


If you would like to see more about the game or purchase it today, please click here.


— Nintendo What’s New
Source: Nintendo.



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